11 Reasons Summer is the Best Season

11 Reasons Summer is the Best Season

It's getting hotter, but it does't mean we can't have some fun. Here are 11 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Season Ever:

1. Summer Hats. Big or small, express yourself and protect your face.


2. Light Summer Dresses: Flowy and colourful, this is what we'll live in all summer long.


3. Car Karaoke. Play your favorite jam. Fun tip: bring your bestie along.



4. Iced Tea, (or iced coffee if that's how you roll) Keeping cool from the inside out.


5. Body Sprays:  Keeping cool and fresh from the outside in


6. Pampering with Color: Whether in pastels or in neons, summer nails are so much fun


7. Poolside Reads: We've made a list, have you?


8. Sand Between Your Toes. Nothing like the salty smell of the beach and sand between your toes to scream "Fun Summer Vibes".


9. Catnaps. Freed up time means more time to relax and enjoy the lazy days of summer.


10. Fun Summer Hairstyles. Braids and bandanas are a fun and playful way to keep things tidy and cool.


11.  Summer Salads. Crunch, crunch, nom nom. Best. Thing. Ever.


What's your favorite thing about Summer? Did it make our list? 

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