Yes! We Finally Launched!

So what took me so long?

To make a long story short, I was trying to have a great website ready before I launched. Then a few days ago I realized that if I wait for everything to be perfect it will be years before I launched. My main objective is to make organic skincare products that we'll all LOVE to use, not to have a perfect website; that can come later.. So I'm calling this website version 1.0 and I invite you to share your comments, suggestions, and expertise to make it better as I also work on it too.  

I'm going to use this platform to share what's happening in our exciting story, tell you about the wonderful ingredients that we use, and update you on everything that's happening in general.  

If you have been watching us from the beginning or just recently joined us, THANK YOU for your support. It means the world to me.  I wouldn't have made it to this point if it wasn't for your warm smiles, your messages of encouragement, your supportive comments, and your suggestions on how to make the products better. I am sincerely grateful.


  • Lubaba says...

    Dear sara,
    Congratulations for such a lovely start. Even if version 1. Its an amazing start. And i am so excited to order from you as a customer :) i am checking the website from my phone, when i press on products it takes me to the home section! So i cant select anything and add it to the cart! I created an account thought it will solve the bug! But still could not add anything to my cart :) just wanted you to know so u can fix the bug.
    Wish you insha allah the best always ya rab ❤️Your sis luppy

    On Aug 18, 2017

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