Change is Constant

Change is Constant

"Change is the only constant." This such a simple statement but I am blown away at how deep it is.

Change is inevitable.

Change is unavoidable.

Change happens.

Change is constant.

I found myself thinking about this this week while I was moving into the new workshop. I remembered how much I was trying to avoid moving out of the old location because of the hassle of moving, because I thought that location was the best for me, and because I had nowhere else to go. 

I ended up moving everything into my little house. It has been crammed and messy for the last few months, to say the least.

But that didn't last. There was a change. When I finally moved all the workshop equipment out of my home and into the new location, my house felt lighter, like a feather.

I've changed a lot over the summer too. I'm excited for several possibilities that I will be working on this year. I'm constantly changing and constantly reinventing myself. Change is good. I welcome change.

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