About us


Hi, I'm Sarah!  

In September 2014, I attended a presentation about entrepreneurship and the importance of defining the 'pain' that you want to help solve. All I could think about was my personal agony in finding organic and safe personal care items for myself and family.

At the time, organic and natural was still unfamiliar to most in Saudi Arabia and I would shop online for the products I needed.  It was 'painful' to not be able to shop for what I needed at a local convenience store, and even more painful to have to pay high prices for international shipping.

So I set out to learn more about the industry: how the products are made, the ingredients used, and how they are sourced, and eventually I landed on DIY recipes that led me to making my own bar of soap. (Ah.. the wonders of the internet).

With the support of my family, friends, and some wonderful mentors during the first year, I decided to create a Saudi brand of organic baby care products. Down the line, when I learned more about the beautiful oils from around the world, the idea expanded to include beauty care products too.

I am based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. I love to travel, I love being outdoors (preferably on the beach),  I love yoga (I want to teach one day), reading (I wish I could read faster), crochet (I make stuffed animals for my kids), baking (not cooking), and all things handcrafted and creative. I don't like ice cream or cold water, but I do love white chocolate. I feel most alive when I'm learning, most peaceful when I'm out in nature,  and most happy when spending time with my girlfriends and making real connections.
This website is a work in progress and I'm happy that you're here to witness it's development. You can contact me on our Instagram page: @hayah.organics . I love receiving messages and I reply to each one personally.
Sarah Alrehaimi
Certified Organic Skincare Formulator